Flood 2005 (epilogue and aftermath)

Quick action from the municipal backhoe followed by a few days of warm prairie wind has put our track back "on track".

scrapbook of 6 pictures.

Flood 2005 (Omands Creek Rising)

A record wet summer followed by a winter of heavy snowfall followed by a cold spring, a frozen culvert, and then a sudden melt is putting our facilities under water.

Praire Creeks are flood prone in the spring. New admirers of our steaming grounds include a pair of Canada Geese.

scrapbook of 12 pictures.

Steam Meet 2004 (August 28th and 29th)

After 5 inches of rain in the three days preceeding the meet, the clouds broke and once again our Steam Meet went ahead. This year, we posted the pictures almost as soon as the events take place.

Look forward in the near future to captions and the inclusion of print quality version of the pictures.

scrapbook of 97 pictures.

Steam Meet 2002

The summer of 2002 was the club's second annual steam meet. For this meet, the clubhouse was half completed and used to house the stationary display. Saturday night consisted of rain and wind.

gallery of 10 pictures.

Visit of the CPR Empress

During the late spring of 2003, a Hudson locomotive restored by the Canadian Pacific Railway stopped briefly in Winnipeg.

Arrival in Winnipeg ... gallery of 8 pictures.

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